All you need to know about shaving blades for men

All you need to know about shaving blades for men

There is a range of shaving blades for men available in the market. And therefore, choosing the most suitable shaving blades for men is a difficult task. The two common types of razors are cartridge razors and safety razors. Various reputed brands manufacture both cartridge and safety razors. Although shaving blades are expensive, using a high-quality shaving blade is important. To save a few bucks, you may purchase shaving blades for men from various shave clubs.

Cartridge razor
The Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor is an essential for every man’s grooming kit as the blade gives a very smooth cut even after several times of shaving. No other shaving blade for men has the cutting-edge technology like this one. The cartridge razor by Gillette takes all the ingrown facial hair, thereby giving you a super close shave. The lubricated strips are another advantage of using this blade.

Safety razor
For a satin-like shave, Merkur Futur Adjustable is a must-have for all the men. The razor may be heavier than the other available in the market, however, the long handle is helpful for people with long hands. For loading the blades, there are clips to make the work easier for you.

The various clubs now continue their service with the sole purpose of giving out affordable razor blades at the time of need.

Benefits of Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club lets you choose the razor which is perfect as per your needs. The offer comes with six and four blades and the razors with six blades are the most popular among the men. They replace the cartridge at affordable rates every month. The product is delivered according to your chosen schedule so that you do not need to visit the local pharmacy anymore.

Reasons for joining a shave club
The Harry’s Truman and Executive of Dollar Shave Club are in rage among the men. Most customers are satisfied with the service provided by the shave clubs. The convenient delivery method and the wide range of products make shave clubs for men so popular.

Whether you should use the razor blades of the companies or opt for the shave clubs should depend on your choices. However, it is important to choose the blade which does not give you skin irritation or rashes. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the lower price does not always give out the best service. Hence, make your choice wisely.