Bask in the openness of safety and security with Philips medical alert devices

Bask in the openness of safety and security with Philips medical alert devices

Old age is a phase of life that requires cautious assistance at every point of time. Especially when an older adult goes outdoor, the medical alert device, Philips has in offer, helps to keep them safe. Philips is a brand of trust and competence with integrating innovation and executing efficiency. Philips medical alert system can provide the right kind of medical help needed, and it offers an array of medical alert devices catering to different needs.

Outdoor safety stands equally important as indoor security. Here is a list of a few important Philips medical alert devices that can assure your security.

  • GoSafe

This device is a smart choice for the more active seniors. GoSafe is reliable and trusted by older adults when they go outdoors. This product has GPS technology, the access to help wherever and whenever you need it, especially when you are outdoors. It also features the most proven technology in the present US market, which is the Auto Alert System. The auto alert system has the best fall detection technology, assuring your safety outdoors.

  • Central monitoring system

This device is handy as it accepts and dispatches alert signals from all devices in the area you are located. It allows caregivers to customise, manage, and monitor the system.

  • Outdoor help button

One of the best Philips medical alert devices is the Outdoor help button. This fixed support device is specially modelled for outdoors. This enables you to cover walking paths in your community and outside city areas. This device is waterproof with rugged enclosure and has components that are UV stabilised. Perfect for outdoor locations, the Philips medical alert devices also come with “Emergency” grading with a bright light. An alert is sent when you press the button downwards. You need to twist the button to reset and send the response.

  • Backbone

This device comes in both wired-in series and Wireless form; the system backbone communicates data around your campus. It can also be used during power outages by configuring the features.

For ensuring smooth and safe mobility outdoors, there is no better support and a trusted companion than Philips medical alert devices.