Frequently asked questions – CPAP supplies

Frequently asked questions – CPAP supplies

A CPAP Machine is a sleep-inducing gadget which can help people who are suffering from a range of sleep related issues. It can assist in controlling various factors around the patient so that quality sleep will be guaranteed. Yet, simply buying this machine is not enough as one will also have to invest enough of time in changing and replacing the various CPAP supplies and parts from time to time. These can be derived from any medical supplies store. So, let us look at a few frequently asked questions about CPAP supplies.

What kind of filters do CPAP machines use?
The CPAP machine will use a washable foam-based filter. Also, the device may use disposable filters that are made of paper. For this, you will need to have a steady supply of filters so that the machine continues to work properly. Bacteria filters can also be used as a part of the medical supplies for these kinds of machines to remove the bacteria present in the environment around the patient while he or she is sleeping.

Are these foam filters supposed to be replaced?
The foam filters are reusable as they can be washed. They should be washed with a mild detergent. One should also replace them once every three months because they are known to catch and absorb large particles. Therefore, after a certain point, the washing may not help in keeping it clean.

What kind of maintenance will one require for the CPAP machine?
Apart from replacing the CPAP supplies from time to time, one will also have to take care that the area around the machine is clean and hygienic. You may also have to get the humidifier serviced regularly to avoid any problems in the mechanism. Further, you will also have to routinely replace the water within so that there is clean air being emanated by the humidifier.

How to take care of the masks?
The masks will have to be cleaned every day because we wear them and breathe into them every night. Clean with a mild soap.

Speak with your doctor and the CPAP supplies company about taking care of the various parts of the machine.