How to get rid of candida armpit rash

How to get rid of candida armpit rash

Armpits can be hotspots for irritation. Armpit rashes can vary from being bumpy, red spots to being scaly and white patches. Although you may not be able to see an armpit rash instantly, however constant itching and irritation can indicate a serious infection.

The causes of your armpit rash may vary. Determining the cause behind the rash makes it easier to cure it. Candida underarm rash is one of the most common types. It is caused due to a common fungus or yeast infection.

Finding the irritant
It is important to first identify the irritant before proceeding with any underarm rash treatment. Candida occurs on moist areas of the skin especially the underarms. It may result in swelling, itching, scaling, and red rashes. Candida can worsen in warm weather, in case of tight clothing, and even due to poor hygiene.

Treatment options
The first step for any underarm rash treatment is the removal of the irritant. A bath with lukewarm water is often effective for this. You need to avoid scratching the rash, as it may worsen your condition.

Practicing good hygiene is important to prevent armpit rashes. It is a good habit to shower regularly and air-dry the body instead of using a towel. The best underarm rash treatment for candida is using an antifungal cream. Skip using steroid creams for underarm rash treatment, as they can make the fungal infections worse.

Home remedies
Candida armpit rash can be easily cured with the help of simple ingredients that are available at home. Some natural underarm rash treatments are as follows:

  • Treating the rash with ice can subdue the irritation.
  • You need to include vitamin C in your diet, as it helps fight skin problems caused by infection especially candida.
  • Rubbing one-half of a lemon half on the inside of your armpit helps to kill bacteria with the help of citric acid present in the lemon. Additionally, lemon deodorizes the area.
  • Using essential oils like lavender oil mixed with coconut oil and tea tree oil diluted with water can help treat itching, irritation and fungal infections.
  • The use of anti-chafing powder is also considered beneficial for Candida underarm rash treatment. This powder helps in minimizing the pain and irritation caused by rubbing of the skin against armpits. However, this is a temporary treatment.