How to prepare yourself before a Botox bladder injection?

How to prepare yourself before a Botox bladder injection?

Botox bladder injections are helpful in easing and relieving the symptoms of urinary incontinence efficiently. Medications and simple drugs are also utilized for treating overactive bladder. But, when situations worsen and become severe or uncontrollable, then physicians recommend the Botox treatment to those patients suffering from overactive bladder.

Usually, Botox injection is needed for relaxing muscular tissues and also plays a great role in minimizing the visibility of wrinkles. But, when used to treat overactive bladder, it has the potential of relaxing the bladder muscles. After the treatment, you will observe significant improvement with the condition which would enable you to function better. So you can opt for the Botox bladder injections if your doctor recommends it.

Are there any preparations required before getting treated with Botox bladder injections?

You will be very relieved to know that no specific preparation is necessary before a Botox treatment to cure overactive bladder symptoms. It is a short duration procedure that does not require hospitalization.

Before applying Botox injection into your bladder, you can be normal and walk directly into the hospital to get the procedure done. You need not maintain any dietary restrictions. All that is recommended is consuming healthy food items and maintaining a regular balanced diet. Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco are not restricted to this treatment, but it is better to avoid them before heading towards the hospital for getting Botox treatment.

In case you fall sick on the day of the Botox treatment, then it would not be a good idea to proceed with the injections, and it is advisable to postpone the procedure to a later date by informing the hospital.

So, instead of suffering in silence, it is better to have a conversation with your physician regarding the problems that you are facing due to incontinence. You need not be shy in confessing your problems like the frequent urge to urinate or urine leakage. You are not alone, and countless others possess this same problem. With the treatment of Botox bladder injections, you will gradually resume your routine.