Mistakes to avoid while choosing area rugs

Mistakes to avoid while choosing area rugs

When you decorate your home, you do it with love and that is why, any mistake, however small it is, frustrates you. You want everything to be perfect.

Area rugs are one of the best décor options that you can use in your home. They are the perfect addition to your room, making it look attractive and adding that dose of drama to it. But you need to make the optimum use of these rugs to bring out the best in your home. Here are some common errors that you should avoid while choosing area rugs.

Not buying a rug that matches the room’s functionality
This is a very common error. You buy a rug you like and now it is a complete misfit for the room you bought it for. While buying, keep in mind the kind of room you are buying it for. For instance, a Flokati rug looks so good, but is it a good choice for your dining room? No, as it requires a lot of maintenance, especially if any food items fall on it. So, choose rugs which are easy-to-clean for kitchen and other such areas. Similarly, choose low pile rugs for the areas where you need to run chairs over them.

Buying small rugs
A small rug in your room is a complete no-no. There is no particular rule on the measurement. Area rugs must go with the whole décor of your room and furniture. But there are some pointers, like a rug at the center of the drawing room should be large enough to include all the central furniture within its boundary. A dining room rug should be big enough for a drawn dining chair to fit comfortably on the rug.

Making it too boring
It is a common misconception that rugs should be subdued. Rugs are not carpet. Your carpet can be boring, but your rugs shouldn’t. Area rugs are designed to attract the attention of your guest. So, go out of the way and opt for mix and match.