The Four Elements Of Medicare Insurance

The Four Elements Of Medicare Insurance

A brief overview of the four parts of Medicare insurance

Medicare is one of the prominent insurances in the United States’ federal medical insurance policy. It is suitable and approved for people who are above 65 years, younger individuals with certain specific disabilities, and those affected with end-stage renal failure.

There are four parts to a Medicare insurance policy with each one catering to specific needs. There is original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plan. Parts A and B belong to the original Medicare plan, Part C comprises the benefits offered by private insurance providers which are approved by Medicare, and Part D covers prescription drugs. There are many rules, appropriate costs, and special coverage restrictions for all the categories.

Part A of the Medicare insurance covers hospital costs. 80% of expenses incurred for hospitalization for two months, or hospice, or skilled nursing care is taken care of by this. This is an assured, free-of-cost service for all citizens of the United States and their spouses who have worked and paid taxes to the Federal Government for at least ten years. And for the rest, Part A of the Medicare insurance can be availed for a monthly premium.

Part B includes doctor’s fees, outpatient services, preventive and rehabilitative care, medical supplies, mental health care, etc. While it is optional to take coverage for Part B services, it must be noted that opting for this additionally later increases the monthly premium.

Also known as Medicare Advantage, Part C refers to insurance plans offered by private insurance companies which are approved by Medicare. These cover the services offered by Parts A and B and sometimes also provide dental, eye care, and prescription drug coverage.

Part D of the Medicare insurance plan provides coverage for outpatient prescriptions drugs. This part is only provided by private insurance companies that have contracts with the government.

The optional Medicare Advantage plans, which are Parts C and D, calls for a compulsory enrollment in Parts A and/or B. The complex lineup of Medicare insurance policies are interlinked. Take a well-informed decision after understanding which Medicare insurance would suit the best for you.