Things to know before you get the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Things to know before you get the Samsung Galaxy Fold

The South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung, created some intense buzz earlier this year with the announcement of the launch of its one of a kind foldable phone – the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Originally to be launched in April, Samsung delayed the launch to September due to some reliability issues; and the date is yet to be announced.

Regardless of being a Samsung fan or not, the Galaxy Fold is sure to get you excited with its one of a kind technology and design.
When folded, the phone has a small screen, sized at 4.6 inches with HD+ Super AMOLED. It does feel a bit small, compared to the display on most other smartphones that flaunt a large display screen. But with its 20-part, dual-axis hinge locks, the phone opens up to a 7.3 inch QHD+ (Quad High Definition) AMOLED display that is vivid, sharp, and clean.

The unique foldable feature comes with one noticeable visual compromise, which is the crease it creates in the center where it is folded. Having said that, once you start operating the phone, and are involved in the activities, it may not be as noticeable to you. Samsung has also assured the audience that this crease will remain the same with use. It is also to be noted that this phone has had around 1000 prototypes before, and has been in the making for the last 10 years, making it a product that has been thoroughly researched.

With the fold being the main unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it has been made to withstand more than 200,000 folds and unfolds making it a lasting feature for at least 5 years (if you practice this mechanism 100 times a day).

Apart from the display, and this distinctive design, it has a RAM of 12GB and a storage space of 512 GB. Thanks to its tablet mode (that is the unfolded mode), you can now run three apps simultaneously without having to constantly switch between chat windows, or videos, or Google. Multitasking is much easier with this feature!

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold were canceled due to its previous delay in the launch, so you will just have to wait till September for the device to be available in stores, and online. The company has asked people to sign up on the website if they wish to get more information regarding the pre-ordering of the device. Before the cancellation of pre-orders, you could get the phone from AT&T for around $66 a month for 30 months! The Samsung Galaxy Fold is currently priced at around $1980 and comes in four different colors namely – Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green, and Astro Blue.