What are the Different Types of Stair Lifts?

What are the Different Types of Stair Lifts?

Stair lifts (also known as chair lifts) are mechanical chairs or devices that help people use the stairs. It helps people with mobility problems to use the stairs without any problem. The device consists of a seat, armrests and a footrest. Some chairs also come equipped with seatbelts for added safety.

There are different types of lifts available regarding stair design and usage.

For straight staircases: Stair lifts for regular straight staircases easily attach to the side through a rail. This design is perfect for one straight staircase and for people who do not need to transport heavy stuff up and down the stairs.

For curved staircases: For staircases with a curved shape, stair lifts with curved railing are suitable to use. It can also be installed for more than one straight staircase at home separated by a landing. Instead of using different seats on every staircase, a curved chair can be used for the entire length of the straight staircase.

With standing space: For people who have difficulty seating due to joint pain, a stair lift with a standing option can be useful. Their design is narrow, so these are ideal for narrow staircases. But for those who cannot safely stand up for a minute or two without supervision, a seating lift may be a better option. Also, installation of a standing stair lift requires enough headroom for the user on the staircase.

With a platform: This type of stair lift is big with enough room for a wheelchair on it. It is ideal for those who are wheelchair-bound or use a scooter to move around the house due to their mobility issues.

Other variations: If the stair lift is in the way of a doorway, there are variations available to tackle this problem. During installation, an extra hinge can be used to fold the seat away from the door when not in use.

There are also powered variations that automatically slot and fold when not in use.

Depending on an individual’s needs, the stair lift suppliers can install the most suitable device at home.